Raiken Hakunari
Clan: Midori Ken
Favorite stance: Light and Balanced (Can't decide between the two)
Family: Hakunari family (Haku Kaminari)
Element: Water

Raiken's old name was LaxusLightning.

The name Raiken means Lightning fist, he decided to take up the name  as a way to represent his loyalty to Midori Ken.

Laxuslightning is a proud member of Midori Ken. He respects and honors his superiors and is friendly to his clanmates and friends. Sometimes he tends to be childish, but he is still only learning about life itself and what is yet to come. He Wants to be a kind and friendly person to most people.

Laxuslightning is still young and has much to learn. But with time maybe he will learn alot.

Laxuslightning's aim for now is to serve under Midori Ken as long as the leader is someone he thinks he should follow. He got his inspiration and admiration alot from reading stories about the other big and legendary samurais. Some examples of samurais he admired were ChronosKenshiroAlucardLoSonoSantoOrochiTameshi Hinode.


Laxuslightning strives to be of a big and helpful general of Midori Ken. He loves his clan and the people in it. He wishes for Midori Ken to rise and be on the top. He wishes to serve under Midori Ken forever.


At his early days he joined Midori Ken when Alucard was the head. Before, he had been researching and reading a lot of the stories and legends of the world. After a lot of thought he finally came to a conclusion to join Midori Ken. After a while he has become fond of the superiors in Midori Ken and the members of it.

LaxusLightning studies the Broken Lightning Style, training under Hirosuke Takezo, he learns a lot of the way of the sword. One day Hirosuke told LaxusLightning to come up with his own move, thus the Tengoku no Shiro Kaminari was born.


Born in a small peaceful village. He was quite a bookworm and always went to the libraries to study the world and read about it, fascinated about how these tengus invaded base town and about the onis and so much more. He didnt know much about his parents, he was taken away from them immediatly after the birth and grew up with the help of his villagers.

At his early age, he read alot about Midori and was so inspired of Ace Yoshida Takezo, but of course he read about the other clans too. After some time at the age of 15, he joined Midori ken. After joining Midori, he served it within his village. Protecting it under the clan's name. After 2 years he was already 17 and now began to explore the world and seek adventures. With him he took Bishamonten and Deathreaper699, they've adventured quite a lot together. They were like brothers, they rose together in Midori to become acknowledged. Laxus for the first time felt like he had a family.

Then came the time they had to split up, Deathreaper699 sought out his new career as the battling merchant while Bishamonten went to Midori to become a council and a strong warrior. Laxus on the other hand became a council too, but kept on adventuring the world. One fateful day came upon the three brothers as one of them has died, Assassinated. Laxus recieved a letter and on it was written: "I'm sorry to have inform you of this but your brother, our councilor Bishamonten has passed away, most likely assassinated. -Midori messenger". Grieving in pain, he rushed back to Midori's capital, but before doing that, he went and searched for deathreaper699 and took him with him. This time, he swore he wont let his last brother die and he swore he'll do his best to protect him. This time around, he's done with travelling the world. He will now strive to become second in command and lead his clan with the current leader to a bright future. With the focus in mind of not letting any of his brethren down.

7 days later after the incident, Laxus was walking down the streets of a specific town, in an alleyway a mysterious man greeted him. He wore a dark and a bit torn cloak, he hid his face and walked up to Laxus. He put his hands on his shoulder and then looked up. Half of his face was covered in scars and it was burning, and there were cracks on his face like his face was crumbling and falling off. The man said: "Not only your brother, but your home village too"

The man opened his left eye wider and Looked at Laxus. Laxus stared into his left eye and then a scene came into Laxus's head, it was a village, Looks like his home village, it was burning, people screaming, fire everywhere and then.....Everything was quite, the only image he sees is now people burned up everywhere on the ground, the houses fallen down and burnt to crisp and then he hears "BOOM" and 3 seconds later "BOOM" and last time "BOOM". In front of him appeared his fallen brother, Bishamonten with a ghostly form, his mouths open wide and flies into Laxus.

Laxus wakes up from the vision and or you could say from the nightmare. At the same alleyway same spot but this time. The hoodied man has disappeared. But there was no time for Laxus to think, he rushed to the nearest stable and borrowed a

450px-Crusted face man
horse and went as fast as he can to his home village. Soon he arrived and there he saw nothing but fallen houses burnt to the ground, people dead and burned, scattered all over the village. Laxus fell to his knees and what he saw in that nightmare became a reality. The hoodied man appeared again, standing in front of Laxus, he showed his face again and uttered the words "

you can't protect everyone". Laxus, feeling nothing but sadness, anger and frustration. He took out his sword and stood up, but the man was gone. Nothing left but the vision of his village burned. Laxus left the place and went back to Midori.

4 years later, Laxus has become the second in command few years ago and at this point of time, the Hakunari family was created, born in the flames of war and the bonds of people in midori, Hakunari was molded into creation to bring midori to a bright future. It started with Laxus and Deathreaper, soon Laxus started adopting people into the family, thus bringing the elites of midori together and having his own family. Hakunari and Midori is now what's precious to LaxusLightning

The 4th war broke out and Midori's current state wasn't the best. There was a lack of strong willed people, generals. Fighting alongside Honoshihai their allies they fought together against Ki Sensu and later Aka Ryu and Aoi Hoiru joined in siding with Ki. Midori and Hono suffered a big defeat. During the middle of the war, RaikenHakunari (LaxusLightning) became overwhelmed with stress and less active and for those reasons he left and went to far the mountains for 6-8 months and sought after some relief.

Returning to Midori, he was graced with joy seeing how much Midori grew. He was really interested in seeing who Mattsoncumbae was as the second in command. How Midori operated, learning about what happened since the 4th war. With his former passion and joy back Laxus decided that he would take up on the name Raiken (lightning fist) keeping the lightning aspect of his former name but also giving homage to the name of his clan, Midori Ken. As the lightning fist of Midori Ken he strives to aid his leaders to make Midori a better place, a brighter future.

_____To be continued______


Laxuslightning is an elite member in Midori Ken

After a alot of sweat, war and bonds in Midori. He decided to make a family. A family that resides inside of Midori and to serve Midori and bring it to a bright future.

born in the flames of war and the bonds of people in midori, Hakunari was molded into creation to bring midori to a bright future

Hakunari FamilyEdit

'born in the flames of war and the bonds of people in midori, Hakunari was molded into creation to bring midori to a bright future on a bridge on a delightful day, the 2 founding fathers of Hakunari shared blood and created a bond that started the beginning of Hakunari.

To be loyal to Midori and the family itself, to solve all conflict within the family without damaging self or others, to serve under and inside of Midori and give your loyalty to Midori and stay eternal with Midori with the mindset of bringing it to a bright future. That is the flame that keeps the family with a burning passion, the oath that the family swears upon




Members of Hakunari:

Traditional family techniques

-Broken Lightning Style

  • Tengoku no Shiro Kaminari (Heaven's white lightning) 天国 の 白 雷
  • Shiro Kaminari (White lightning) 白雷
  • Odayakana Kaminari (Gentle lightning) 穏やかな雷
  • Lightning travel (Ikazuchi Ryouko) いかずち りょうこ


Laxuslightning has met alot of people and people he considers friends. such as YuutaShadowFireRedYukinojoGabrielleAllias, Mattsoncumbae, iamhungey, Kagetokihimaru, Kagetokinaru, Orochi, LoSonosanto. his clan members and alot, lots of more people


  • Shiro Kaminari
  • Tengoku no Shiro Kaminari
  • Odayakana Kaminari (Gentle lightning) 穏やかな雷
  • Lightning travel (Ikazuchi Ryouko) いかずち りょうこ
  • Haiiro Kaminari (Gray Lightning) 灰色 雷

Quotes/Power speechesEdit

"The flower blooms as another man shall withers"

"A title isn't just a title, it is also a responsibility"

"My mind is mature but my actions are immature"

"I’m a Proud warrior of Midori Ken, I wish only to see my clan grow stronger and become a greater one. I will fight any opponent that I must to see this day. May it be any opponent, I will respect their reason to fight me. Though as long as the opponent is honorable himself and isn’t the type that belittles everyone. Long live Midori and their spirit shall shine bright upon the future that may come. No matter what happens, I shall live together with this proud clan…….no, FAMILY of mine, I shall rise together with it and I shall fall together with it, to the depths of hell I shall walk, as long as this proud family of mine is here. I have NOTHING to fear. Midori Ken to the bright future for everyone!"

"I am the Lightning Fist of Midori Ken, The clan is the hand and I shall be it's lightning strike."