Here, you can access these panels:

  • Chat
  • Inventory/Player
  • War Room
  • Options

A minimap is shown at the top right corner.Clicking on it shows the world map, which shows Towns and clan control on towns.

Pressing the skill slots or pressing the corresponding number of the skills on the skill bar, you can use one of the skills that you have equipped in the skill bar. By clicking on your portrait in the left corner or by pressing space bar you can change your current Stance, at the expense of losing points from the Focus bar.

Drawing different lines will affect the enemies in different ways. You'll need to learn the skills of the various stances before you can use some of them.

  • Drawing horizontally makes you slash across the enemy.
  • Drawing a line upwards makes you jump into the air.
  • By drawing vertically upwards, you can launch your enemy if you

have learnt the "launch" skill in your current stance's skill set.

  • Drawing vertically downwards makes you stab the ground if you have learnt the "Stab" skill in Heavy.


after gaining enough xp you will level up, every level up you will get , 1 Skill Point 3 Stats Points and a refill to your HP, Chi and AP.

Using these points on HP grants you 10 HP

Using them on Chi grants you 5 Chi

Using them on AP grants you 1 AP

Using them on any stat (ATK, DEF, SPD) grants you 3 in that stat

Shopping Edit

You can buy and sell items and equipment in the Peddlers and Merchants scattered in towns over the world. When you talk to merchants or peddlers, you are given a choice to buy or sell things with him.

Getting Coins and Gold Edit

In the top left corner of the screen,there is a counter that tells you how many Coins and Gold you have. Coins are the main in-game currency and is easily obtained.Merchants and Paddlers give these in exchange for your items.Coin capacity can be increased by adding a skill point to the Coin Purse+ skill in the Survival Skills catergory. Coins can be obtained by:

- Completing quests.

- Selling items to merchants and peddlers.

- Trading with other players.

- Killing enemies.

Gold is the secondary currency.The most efficient way of getting Gold is by buying it with real life cash. Gold can be obtained through:

- Rebirth gives you 25 gold.

- Participating in certain Tournaments. Winning 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in 4 or more player tournaments gives gold as a reward.

- Betting on players in Tournaments.

- Getting gold using real life money in Ninja Services.

Chatting Edit

Chatting is the basic way of communicating with other players in the game world.

You can begin chatting by clicking on the speech bubble icon on the toolbar.


Gameplay Commands:

  • /recall Transport you to your current territory's dojo.
  • /tournament Opens tournament tab.

Channel Commands:

  • /list Show available channels.
  • /join [channel name] Join x channel.
  • /whoisonline Display players in your current channel.
  • /createprivate [channel name] Create a new private channel.
  • /invite [player name] Invite player x to your current channel.
  • /kick [player name] Kick player x in your current channel. Operator only.
  • /ban [player name] Ban player x in your current channel. Operator only.
  • /unban [player name] Unban player x in your current channel. Operator only.

Ignore Commands:

  • /ignore [player name] Ignore player x.
  • /stopignore [player name] Stop ignoring player x.
  • /showignore Show ignored players.

(Ignored players are muted in-chat and are unable to trade with you)

Ally Commands:

  • /showally Show all allied players.
  • /ally [player name] Mark player x as an ally.
  • /stopally [player name] Unally player x.
  • /allyroom Marks everyone in the room as an ally.
  • /stopallyall Unally all allied players.

(Allied players can't take damage or crowd control from your attacks in PvP arenas)


  • /bow You bow to someone
  • /kneel You kneel
  • /fart You fart
  • /gangnamstyle Oppa gangam style!
  • /sit You sit. There are 3 poses chosen at random which is cross-legged, Seiza or just sitting
  • /rest You lay down
  • /stand You stand. You could also click away to stand up
  • /seppuku You sacrifice yourself. Sets your HP to 1
  • /shoulderweapon You put your weapon on your shoulder
  • /rimshot Plays rimshot sound.
  • /sadtrombone Plays sadtrombone sound.

War Room Edit

The War Room is available to you when your character reaches level 10 (except if you are already rebirth)

Basics Edit

To do so you must first choose a clan to fight for. You have 5 different clan options:

  • Clan Midori Ken
  • Clan Aka Ryu
  • Clan Aoi Hoiru
  • Clan Ki Sensu
  • Random, which chooses a random faction for you.

Note: Choose wisely! You may not easily reverse your decision. however using a writ of release (which cost 25 gold) will make the player leave his/her clan.

Player Clans Edit

After reaching the war room rank « war hero » you get a war hero ring and a clan deed

you can use the clan deed to make your own clan.

Those are called player clans, those however require clan invites to join.

Honoshinai ClanEdit


Honoshinai honorable white clan.

the current leader of honoshinai is Chronos

The current second in command is Xokanekiox.

Honoshinai have passed through history and won many war, since then, Passing through justice and Many win, They're currently in war with midori ken.

Bishamon Edit

Bishamon clan the bishamon clan was - Formely known as Blood Lotus it is counted as a Major rank clan,They’re currently owning 40+ territory in war room. it was- Founded by saskia at the 4th Great World War they’re currently in Peace with Aka Ryu Peace with Midori Ken Peace with Ki Sensu Peace with Aoi Hoiru Peace with Honoshinai and in Peace with Murakami Sohei and well peace with everyone.

Leaders 1. Saskia (first leader and creator of Bishamon/Blood Lotus)

2. Darkseid(second leader of Blood Lotus)

3. Tsukeyomi (third leader of Blood Lotus)

4:saskia(leader of bishamon)

Saskia has gone missing for years...Wish bishamon luck.

Murakami Sohei Edit

Founded by Kagetokimamori And Kagetokinaru

two skilled light stancer.

their heraldry is a Gold flower in a encircled hexagon on a orange field.

clan is co lead by kagetokinaru and kagetokimamori.

Mura has been classed strongest player clan A while ago and is still classed strongest to this day. (Yet quite innactive)

Sannin Edit

New made player clan. currently leaded by jiraya.

notable member: Ruriiro

their heraldry is a white spiral on a red field. similar to the uzumaki sign from the anime:naruto

note:this player clan section is not done yet there eventually gonna be more clans listed there.

Actions Edit

After you have chosen a clan to fight for you can start using the war room. In the war room you have to conquer the lands(sectors)of enemy clans or defend yours from them. Each character can make up to 3 moves an hour at the beginning but you can get more moves if your rank increases.To get a higher rank you simply need to make moves.At this moment,you can use these moves for 5 different actions:

  • Attack
  • Defend
  • Scout
  • Move
  • Deploy Troops

Attack Edit

Attacking and defending explain them by themself. If you are attacking a sector with troops in it you have to kill them. At the beginning its easy but the troops you have to fight are getting stronger depending on how much troops you have already killed. If a enemy player is in a sector you are attacking,you have to fight him and the troops. If you defeat the enemy player he will be kicked off of them map and need to go all the way back and should it be the case that you get defeated by a player you have attacked by yourself,you will not be kicked off of the map but you cant continue to kill troops in that sector unless you are using another move to attack that sector again.

You can kill only a maximum of 340 troops per attack.

Defend Edit

Defending is like attacking except it's on your own clan sector to remove enemy troops. There is a possibility of finding enemy Samurai in your clan sector if your troops have conquered the sector without killing the Samurai.

Scout Edit

Spying lets you know how much enemy troops are in a certain sector.If the number of enemys within that sector are increasing or decreasing you need to spy again to know the correct amount of enemys.Also you need to spy again if you have left the war room.

Move Edit

Move lets you travel between different sectors.

Deploy Troops Edit

Deploying troops lets you send an amount of troops to a certain sector based on the terrain you are on as well as the terrain you are deploying to.

  • Mountains will negate the amount of troops you try to deploy to.

(Field to mountain is +60 troops, mountain to mountain is +100 troops)

  • field to field deploys a standard of 100 troops.
  • Deploying from forests are the same as fields.
  • Deploying from field to forests are 75 troops.

Every 24 hours the troops are trying to take over the sectors. If your clan has more troops on a sector than enemy troops, it will be conquered. In any case, conquered or not, the number of troops is recalculated. For example, 24000 vs 8000 is turn out to be 16000 vs 0.

Build Edit

Build allows you to construct structures on particular plots of land. This can only be used when achieving the rank of Captain in War Room. HQs can only be built by Generals. Each clan is only allowed 3 HQ bases and in order to build a new one an extra base must be demolished to create a new HQ in a different sector.

There are 4 building types:

  • HQ - Allows Samurai to enter a territory. This can only be built by Generals and War Heroes.
  • Forward Base - Same like HQ but can be built anywhere on the map. Costs 10k coins to complete construction.
  • Barricades - Reduces the amount of troops Samurai can deploy into the territory. Costs 10k coins to complete construction.
  • Tunnels - Allows Samurai to bypass obstacles or deploy through

obstacles. Fire Arrows Option will be disabled though. Costs 5k coins to complete construction.

Buildings play an important role to support your clan in a war. It is usually worth helping to contribute some coins to complete these buildings.

War Room Ranking Edit

The war room is unlocked at level 10. (unless your already rebirth) there many clan ranking and different reward upon reaching these ranks, there also eventually more moves disponible,Those are the current war room rank.

Clan Ranking Moves per hour Moves required Clan Item received Abilities Unlocked
Recruit 3 0 Move, attack, defend, and deploy troops
Private 4 36 Cloth Armor
Corporal 4 84 Light Armor
Sergeant 4 180 Medium Armor
Sergeant Major 4 324 Hat
Lieutenant 5 516 Heavy Gloves
Captain 5 816 Heavy Armor Build forward bases and tunnels.
Major 5 1176 Heavy Armor Pants
Colonel 5 1596 Helmet
General 5 2076 Mask Build HQ.
War Hero 6 5000 War Hero Ring Create their own clan

Important note: There is two more rank that aren't normally disponible to every player. there Second in command of a clan and leader of a clan. To know more about those two ask your clan leader or knowledgable player around you.

Farming Edit

There are farm plots at Dojo Entrances. You can plant crops and harvest them. All crops can rot if you wait too long except for 12 hours crops.

There are 4 time options to plant crops:

  • 15 minutes crop
  • 1 hour crop
  • 6 hours crop
  • 12 hours crop (can't rot)

There's a small chance to additionally harvest special crops on each harvest.

Crops Use Edit

  • Crops can sold to Clans at the farmers market inside towns.

Prices range from 5 to 20 coins per crop depending on the Clan's demand.

  • Crops can also be used for quests in barren villages.
  • Crops are used for building HQs in war rooms.

Quests Edit

Various quests can be done to gain experience and coins.

Quests in barren villages, villages, towns, cities and castles(Buildings) can earn your clan +5 influence which is required to peacefully take over the building. They will also have an increase in prosperity. Prosperity may upgrade the buildings.

Types of Quests Edit

Quests anywhere Edit

  • Find herbs/mushrooms/flowers - People may ask you to find the

following types of items which can be found on the ground at certain areas. it costs 1 AP to pick those up.

  • Find special equipment - People may want special equipments that can be found in dungeons.
  • Find Daruma Doll - Daruma Dolls can be found in oni caves.

Quests in buildings Edit

  • Bounty - Found on bounty boards. Find and kill the person on

bounty and he will drop a rare item which you can use to equip or turn it in for your reward.

  • Mining - Whenever bandits or undeads plan to attack a building,

citizens may ask you to mine for materials so that they can make weapons to defend themselves.

  • Farming - There are times that citizens will ask you for crops. These quests are not so common.
  • Hunting - Citizens will crave the flesh of certain animals and will request you to hunt them.
  • Slaying - Citizens may ask you to kill bandits responsible for

robbing caravans. They may also ask to eliminate nearby undead hordes or oni groups. There are no jumping undeads in quests.

  • Request assistance - When there are too many monsters or

enemies in an area, citizens may ask you to call for mercenaries to help. These mercenaries will have a nearby mercenary camp set up. If they are undeads, they will tell you to find a specific temple and ask the monk to help. Rarely, they might ask you to find a ninja hideout to ask ninjas for help. You might need a high enough scavenging skill to find those hideouts.

Quests Outside Edit

  • Duel - Some fighters would feel like fighting for fun. Defeat them for easy experience and coins.
  • Guide - Some people might be lost and ask you to help them find

their way to dungeons or caves. Guide them for coins and exp. Note that sometimes, they are bandits disguised as a normal person and may betray you while calling their bandit gangs out from hiding. Eliminate all of them for your loot.

Enemies Edit

Enemies in the world of the Samurai are many. They can be from this world, or the next.

The below will help you get accustomed to the different types of Humans, Creatures, and Supernatural Beings you'll be fighting.

  • Humans
  • Oni
  • Undead
  • Tengu (mostly from event)
  • Red Oni
  • For More Information Go There (Portal to ''enemies'' page [1]

Stats and Skill Edit

Upon each level, it's best to add stats on a manual basis. The Auto Stat will do it's best to balance everything, but most samurai really don't need to invest in Chi. AP is good for travels, but it won't help a samurai in battle.

For this reason, It's best to turn of auto stat.

The Different Stats Builds Edit

Light Build Edit

light build is a light stancing only build that completely ignore attack Edit

You put one point in def one in hp and one in speed Each level up for light build.(edit: the above mentioned build will have only 241 def and spd, u should max out def to 271 first, put the rest to spd and hp) Edit

This build make your range huge and your skill cooldown insanely fast. You wont be able to crit/deal more than pierce damage though, which is why it is only for light stance.

Attack Build Edit

This is for all three stance because with good atk and crit gears light can do critical damage too. Edit

you put one point in def one in atk and one in hp each level up. Edit

this work for crit light balanced stance and heavy stance. Edit

Note: Crit build and light build are useful in their own way. it's up to the player to decide what he/she use.

Skills Edit

Stances increase the damage done in slash, and it's important to keep them leveled. Higher level Heavy Stance doesn't help as much as Balanced or Light, so don't put as many points into it.

You'll only have 80 Total skill points on the first run through, That isn't enough to max the levels of everything. but eventually samurai get will get every skills maxed out at dan rank 5 (kyudan) For Survival skills, Carrying Weight and Wallet Size are very handy, so focus on those. Roll will help at lower levels. Mining isn't very useful except for quests, Scavenging level 2 allows you to instantly sell statless items, but 3-5 can wait for a future re-birth. Add a point into farming to have a chance of harvesting Potato Animals, which can be very helpful.

Battle Skills can be very helpful, as most of them completely ignore the defense stat of the enemy. Chi Punch will always do 10 damage at level 1. (The exceptions are Undead and Red Oni, as any damage they take is either cut in half after defense or reduced to 1)

You gain a new Ninja skill at levels that end in 0, starting at level 10. Likewise, Chi skills are unlocked at levels that end in 5.

Throw Kunai, Lay Trap, and Windmill are not helpful in normal circumstances, as they require Kunai, which can weigh a samurai down. Chi Punch is incredibly helpful for the first 5 levels, but eventually, your slash will do more damage then the short ranged punch attack. Useful or not, learn the skills as soon as you can. Each are required to learn the next. (E.g, you cannot learn Chi Kick without knowing Chi Slash)

Equipment Edit

There are two main ways of finding good equipment: Clearing out dungeons/caves, and buying them from merchants.

Merchants will always sell items of green rarity or higher. The level of the item corresponds to there location (tougher enemies = better stuff). Additionally, they will occasionally have masks, Heavy Armor, and gloves the Ninja Shop doesn't sell. They cost gold, but are often worth the price.

The downside is Merchants do not open shop unless a town is at city prosperity or higher. It may take a long time to reach one if you need equipment now. The cost is higher for the items given, as the best ones can cost 8,000 coins!

Dungeons are full of bandits, but treasures as well. Fighting your way through will net you equipment, Experience, AND money, and they are far more common then merchants.

The end of the dungeon always has a green chest, and the bandit leader will always drop something above-average, but one of the paths that can occur is the Green Chest Corridor.

These paths dead end with an EXTRA green chest that you can access. These types of paths are very, VERY helpful, as they will refill every day. Also, if you cannot get to the end without dieing, the chest will re-fill, giving you more items and coins!

The main downside to dungeons are there length. An extra section is added every 5 levels or so, and they can get rather lengthy. It can take a huge till on your AP, which will make you much weaker in battle. Furthermore, the item at the end of the dungeon changes every day, and there's no guarantee you'll like it.