utists while playing Story quests.

666 Pic6666 Description
Dagger [[File:Band#&#&#;-^-:#

@:@|Slowly walks towaelaye, then stabs the player.^#^#;@^@;@;@:@:@^@^@

Sw#^@: AoiLightoverhead Ready to strike when the player gets closer.
Archer BanditBow Fires arrows in an arch. Archers have different ammunition types. Sometimes there's white edged arrows that knock the player down. Stabs with bow in melee combat.
Spear BanditSpear Walks slowly at first. Charges at player's direction when within stabbing range. May sometimes stab the player.
Shielder AoiMediumHat Attacking Shield causes no damage versus this kind of enemy. Stabs the player with a sword and charges with his shield.

Weakness: Exposed lower limbs. Therefore, aim for the legs.

Undeads Edit

Undeads have red eyes and green skin.

Name Picture Description
Walker Walker Walkers are slow, but has more health and defense than Human enemies. Just slashing them also causes damage to you most of time.
Runner Runner Similar to Walker, but they run towards you.
Jumper Jumper A Jumper stands still until you get closer before it starts moving. It will attack you by jumping over you while avoiding your slashes.

Oni Edit

Name Picture Description
Blue Oni
Regular oni that you can find in Oni Caves.Does low damage and throws rocks as their ranged attack.
Red Oni
Boss Oni.It is not recommended to fight them without being high leveled. Wait for them to fall asleep before sneaking past them.

Animals Edit

Name Picture Description