Clan Ki Sensu Edit

Ki-Sensu Clan

(天狗一族, Ki Sensu Ichizoku)

Founded In

Late 1300s during The Golden Silence era


Jinshin clan


Intense Politicians, Intelligent Financers, Indomitable Spirit, Traditionalists , Loyality

Current Head




War hero

  • Takemaru
  • Sentore
  • Tendril
  • Argan
  • Xozle

1st leader

If you want to see WeiQi see this .....

The Ki Sensu Clan (黄扇子川氏) was one of the great noble family in Japan. It is said that the Ki Sensu were descendants of the legendary Fujiwara Clan (藤原氏) that ruled during the Asuka period to the Nara period and the early Heian period.

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Known Acquisitions Edit

-Rapid expansion by the 3rd General.

-Known to be very traditonal and bureaucratic.

-Known to be one of the most prosperous clan.

-Fought the Aka Ryu in the Border Wars capturing one of the Aka Ryu castle.

-Won the first Clan War.

Notable Clan Members Edit

  • Weiqi jinshin - The first leader of the Ki Sensu now known as M1tsurugi.
  • Zabuza Fukateni - The second leader of Ki Sensu.
  • Ogasawara Jubei - The third leader of Ki Sensu
  • Masaharu Fujiwara - The fourth leader of Ki Sensu and member of the Fujiwara family
  • Fuketsu - The fifth leader of Ki Sensu-now known as Enenra
  • Yuuta- The sixth and current Leader of Ki Sensu
  • Takemaru- The Great General of Ki Sensu

Is is faking e rank of Corporal.

  • Medium Armor - This is the Ki Sensu variant of the third set of clan armor.

Ki Sensu Medium Armor. You receive it at the rank of Sergeant Majmor - This is the Ki Sensu variant of the fourth and final set of clan ks Captain through General.