Available commands:
/recall - brings you to the nearest dojo
/leavetown - shortcut to exit town
/tournament - shortcut to view tournament board
/list - lists the available chat channels
/join [channel name] - joins or creates a chat channel
/help:emotes - lists the available emotes
/help:channel - lists the available chat channel commands
/help:ally - lists the available ally commands
/whoisonline - lists the players in the current chat channel
/ignore [player name] - ignore chat messages from a player
/stopignore [player name] - stop ignoring player
/showignore - lists the players that you are ignoring
/seppuku - stab yourself and lower your hp to 1. (aka you kill yourself)                  /gangnamstyle - Do the gangnamstyle dance                                                  /sit - Sit down on the ground, do /sit again to change your sitting position.              /bow - bow down as salutation to someone.                                               /kneel - one of your knee down and your fist on the ground your now kneeling down.      /rest - lays down because your tired!                                                             /fart - make a fart sound...                                                                 /sadtrombone - Make a sad trombone play :c                                                             /shoulderweapon - rest your mighty weapon on your shoulder!                               /stand - Stand up from rest/sit/kneel (you can also get up by just clicking)